Monday , March 27 2023
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New Hampshire Senate Kills Cannabis Legalization Bill

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New Hampshire Senators have sent recreational marijuana legislation back to the Judiciary Committee. This essentially puts the bill on hold.

The New Hampshire House of Representatives did pass the legislation before handing it off to the Senate, according to Manchester Ink Link. However, no more movement will take place on this bill this year. It might have a chance of being heard in 2020.

Senator Martha Hennessey said, “Although we may disagree on whether the prohibition of marijuana has been a success, or whether we should remain an island within New England, we all agree that this decision cannot be made lightly and without further consideration.”

As with any marijuana legalization bill, this one had its share of opposition too. Some of those concerns were public health concerns, while others were concerned about public safety.

New Hampshire is now the only New England state that has not legalized recreational marijuana. The state’s medical marijuana program has about 7,000 active patients.

Matt Simon of MPP said, “Our opponents may have succeeded in delaying the inevitable by flying in prohibitionists from other states, but they have completely lost this battle in the court of public opinion. It is only a matter of time before the legislature votes to end cannabis prohibition in the ‘Live Free or Die’ state.”