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New Hampshire Marijuana Law

NH Marijuana Law

NH Marijuana Law

House Bill 573 was passed in June 2013 by the New Hampshire Legislature. The bill allows the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes. Governor Maggie Hassan signed HB 573 (RSA 126-X) into law effective July 23, 2013. RSA 126-X creates an exemption in state law from criminal penalties for the therapeutic use of marijuana provided that its use is in compliance with RSA 126-X. The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services is responsible for the state’s Therapeutic Cannabis Program.

The Therapeutic Cannabis Program allows a person with at least one qualifying condition to be eligible for medical marijuana. The person’s doctor must provide a written certification confirming that the person has been diagnosed with at least one qualifying medical condition.

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More Information

Change of Information Form allows you to register with a dispensary or change to a new dispensary (patients must register with and purchase from only one dispensary)
Lost Card Form allows you to get a new medical marijuana card

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