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Changes to New Hampshire Medical Marijuana Program Improve Ease of Access

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The New Hampshire Legislature worked to overturn a veto from Governor Chris Sununu regarding changes to the existing medical marijuana program. Patients no longer need a 3-month relationship with their doctor or provider to apply for access to medical marijuana. This will open up access to more potential medical marijuana patients across the state.

Sununu’s reason for the veto was a concern about maintaining responsible prescribing practices in the state, according to New Hampshire Public Radio. Those that opposed the bill indicated that patients would just “doctor shop” to receive a recommendation. Those advocating for the bill said that the 3-month waiting period to establish a relationship made no sense since there isn’t a waiting period for prescription narcotics.

Administrator of the state’s program, Mike Holt said, “We don’t know how that’s going to impact patients on the ground. For certain patients, certainly, it will allow them to access the program more quickly if their providers are unwilling to certify them.”

The House Minority said, “The Minority is concerned that some providers who are in favor of recreational marijuana may grant certification to anyone wishing it, so as to foster recreational marijuana by the back door.”

The new law takes effect on November 18th.