Monday , March 27 2023
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New Hampshire Senate Approves Marijuana Home Cultivation Bill

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HB 364, which would allow medical marijuana patients to grow their own medicine, has passed the New Hampshire Senate in a vote of 14-10. Patients would be allowed to have 3 immature and 3 mature plants. Patients who want to grow their own medicine would also have to register with the state.

New Hampshire has about 7,000 medical marijuana patients, according to NHPR. The state only has 4 medical marijuana dispensaries. Some worry that allowing home cultivation will make dispensary prices rise.

Medical marijuana is already rather expensive for some patients in the state.

Senator Tom Sherman said, “Therapeutic cannabis can be very expensive when sold at an Alternative Treatment Centers, and some patients have had to turn back to opioids as a cheaper option to ease their pain.”

It took removing a provision allowing the “gifting” of home cultivated medicine between medical marijuana patients to get the bill to pass the Senate.

The House passed another version of the legislation. The two versions now have to combine the two bills and agree on the final language. It’s unknown whether or not Governor Sununu will sign the bill into law.