Friday , January 24 2020
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New Hampshire Commission Releases Marijuana Study


The long-awaited recommendations from the New Hampshire Commission to Study the Legalization, Regulation, and Taxation of Marijuana have been released. There were 54 separate issues examined by the commission. A position favoring or opposing legalization was not taken by the commission.

The job of the commission was merely to analyze multiple factors of legalization and offer solutions/resolutions should legalization occur, the Concord Monitor reports. The commission looked at issues such as offering free samples of edibles and flower. The group believes it’s a reasonable element of legalization.

The commission’s report said, “States that have legalized and commercialized marijuana … have come up with a warning symbol indicating that THC or other marijuana compounds are contained within … There was consensus by the commission that such a symbol be created or adopted and utilized.”

Regarding samples, the commission said, “Some commissioners brought up that beer or wine tasting is allowed for free and thus why not marijuana sampling for free.”

Not all commissioners were on board with allowing samples though. The general consensus was, “The consensus was that allowing free samples to customers was not a good idea. The logic being, sampling beer or wine is done not to get high but for the taste of the products. With marijuana samples, it would be solely for potency testing reasons.”

When it came to past marijuana possession convictions, the commission seems to lean toward following suit of other states like Massachusetts and California.

The report said, “Many of the commission members said that an annulment mechanism is already in statute that would apply. With no consensus reached, it was suggested that the Cannabis Commission Advisory Board take up this issue once established.”

Additional recommendations include:

  • No public smoking or vaping
  • Marijuana edibles would be okay for indoor/outdoor public consumption
  • End “gifting loophole” to prevent black market sales
  • Legalization terminology would be cannabis not marijuana
  • Municipalities would decide to allow or prohibit marijuana businesses
  • Commercial cultivation limits
  • Home cultivation permitted but with limitations
  • No butane or flammable products for home extraction process purposes