Friday , April 26 2019
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New Hampshire Adds New Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana


House Bill 160, signed by Governor Sununu, now includes PTSD and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in New Hampshire. Moderate to severe pain has also been added. These additions aim to help expand access to patients and increase the state’s patient base.

A study of legalization and retail distribution will take place, according to The study will help lawmakers determine whether to move forward on legalizing recreational marijuana or hold off. Decriminalization, however, has happened. It’s just awaiting the Governor’s signature.

Representative Jess Edwards said, “PTSD can often go untreated while many victims choose to self-isolate and self-medicate. The potential to use medical cannabis may bring more patients into a clinical setting.”

Matt Simon of Marijuana Policy said, regarding HB 640, that, “This is not cause for concern. There are often delays this time of year as the Legislature’s work concludes. Gov. Sununu has clearly indicated that he looks forward to signing the bill when it reaches his desk.”